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Supply Chain Management
& Predictable Delivery Times

Supply Chain Management

For most companies, trying to control logistics issues and optimize the supply chain in an attempt to create value is a difficult struggle that generally produces sub-par results. This is a largely due to ever changing business conditions that are not within their control. At Industrial Pallet Corp. however, we have taken a unique approach, especially within the pallet industry. In order to better control our transportation, distribution and inventory functions, we added several vital capabilities and have become highly vertically integrated. All of this has been accomplished in order to eliminate business risks/uncertainties and better serve our customers. Consider the many following items, under our direct control and ownership:

  • Standing tracts of timber ready for harvest
  • Sawmills to cut the logs as required
  • Multiple pallet assembly locations, each with a unique focus
  • Full-time & knowledgeable sales force
  • Customized systems for pallet tracking, accountability & inventory control
  • Logging crews
  • Truck fleet & drivers
  • Full-time service department
  • 24-hour emergency response team

Because we control virtually every link and function within the supply chain, we do not experience many of the logistics headaches and risks associated with most pallet companies. As a customer, this means that you can consistently be assured of:

  • On-time and dependable deliveries
  • High levels of quality
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Short lead-times & high flexibility
  • Quick & efficient response to your concerns



Predictable Delivery Times -- Truck Fleet

Delivery of your pallets by a third-party trucking company may mean that you can't get your product out because the pallets haven't come in. With Industrial Pallet Corp., there is no need to worry that the broker can't control all the third parties involved. We own and maintain our own truck fleet so that your pallets will be there on time, every time.



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