A pallet isn’t just a pallet when stock is unavailable.

From new to recycled, buyback to backhauling, IPC offers Total Pallet Management.

New Pallets

Whether you need a standard 48″x40″ pallet or a custom design, our computerized pallet design system will create the perfect pallet for you.  Our digital design system allows IPC to follow tight standards of consistent quality.

Recycled Pallets

IPC offers multiple categories of recycled pallets to fit your individual needs.  Consistent quality standards ensure each pallet meets grade specifications.  You can expect nothing less than the ability to use 100% of every recycled pallet we deliver.

Pallet Buyback Program

IPC pays top dollar for standard 48″x40″ and odd sized pallets.  Get the most out of your scrap pallets with detailed reports that breakdown the size, quality, and value of every pallet you send out of your facility.

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