Is it just a pallet?

Or is it a critical link in YOUR product delivery.

For over thirty years, Industrial Pallet Corp. has built our business around the idea that a pallet is a critical link in the supply chain of highly effective companies. We want to partner with YOU to deliver the total value proposition you should expect from your pallet provider.

Is it just a pallet when you run out?

  • Short lead time dry pallets—No Problem!
  • Same day service—No Problem!
  • Tight lumber market—No Problem!
  • Rush loads—No Problem!
  • Scheduled dock times—No Problem!
  • Weekend delivery/pick-up—No Problem!
  • Major weather event—No Problem!
  • No excuses—No Problem!

In the last 7 years, IPC has delivered over 117,000 loads of pallets on time!

Pallets Delivered & Picked Up On-Time To Date:

Is it just a pallet when you can’t use them all?


Are you using every pallet you pay for? IPC believes you should.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of CONSISTENT quality.

Do you have a key business partner or just a pallet vendor?

IPC believes there is more to value than price! IPC offers the complete package with our Total Pallet Management program.

Does your pallet vendor come through when you need them most?

At IPC, our customer service team is focused on YOUR needs. We WILL pick up the phone when you call. We WILL be there when you expect us. We ARE accountable to our partners.

When it’s not just a pallet…It’s IPC!

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